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Birthing From Within - Childbirth Preparation Classes
Taught by our own midwives this class prepares both mother and father for the natural birth experience.

These are unique classes developed by a very insightful Certified Nurse-Midwife and Therapist, Pam England.   Jean has been teaching these classes in the North Texas area for almost 15 years.  Since that time, over 2,000 couples have attended these classes.  Birthing From Within focuses on teaching couples to trust a woman’s body and incorporates stimulating dialog regarding assumptions about birth, emotional and physical preparation, numerous pain coping techniques, the dads role in birth and breastfeeding.  Learning opportunities are stimulated through factual information, story-telling, birth art and much more.  Classes are held in Jean’s home, just minutes from the birth center.  Classes are generally held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 9pm for 6 weeks.  We welcome couples delivering in other settings as well. It is recommended that you complete the class by your 36th week of pregnancy 
Birthing From Within Class Schedule
Tuesday Evenings at 6:30pm

Jan 8 - Feb 12
Feb 19 - Mar 26
Apr 2 - May 7
May 14 - Jun 18
Jun 25 - Jul 30
Aug 6 - Sep 10
Sep 17 - Oct 15
Oct 22 - Nov 26

If you are interested in enrolling for these unique and insightful classes please follow the link below and complete the form in the middle of the page: 

Birth class Form